professional experience:

1993-1994 - Tharp Did IT - employed as graphic design studio intern - Los Gatos, CA

February 2002 thru May 2002 - Wattles Boys and Girls Club
volunteering through the 2 gyrlz performative arts non-profit as a mentor for children...specifically within an Intel funded computer lab, aiding children in digital audio, video, and still imaging - Portland, OR

selected collections:

Paul Stout - Boulder Creek, CA.

Craig Falchi - San Francisco, CA.

Brookes Reeder - LA, CA.

Marcus Ionis - LA, CA.

Todd Reeder - Campbell, CA.

Steve Colen - Gilroy, CA.

Carol Milligan - Los Gatos, CA.

Ian Jarvis - Philadelphia, PA.

Tiffany Lee Brown - Portland, OR.

Justin Norton - Portland, OR.

Tamara Yeskel - Portland, OR.

Florina Camozzi - San Francisco, CA.

Lisa Newman - Portland, OR.

Scott Fontana - Portland, OR.