occupational history:

September 1993 thru August 1994
Tharp Did It...408•354•6726... 50 University Ave. suite #21 - Los Gatos, California 95030
graphic design...employed as an intern.

November 29, 1994 thru December of 1994
Nimbus salon...408•354•7717... 65 West Main Street - Los Gatos, California 95030
employed to paint large holiday window display.

October 30, 1995 thru September of 1996
Cafe Leviticus...no longer in business... 1445 The Alameda - San Jose, California 95126 employed as a barista.

March of 1997 thru July of 1997
Gaylord’s Cafe... 4150 Piedmont Ave. - Oakland, California 94611 ... employed as a barista.

August 1997 thru August 1998
Mojo’s Cafe...changed locations and owners... 2853 SE Stark Street - Portland, Oregon 97214
employed as barista/management.

August 1998 thru 2002

Jenny ...503•236•6471 - Portland, Oregon
commissioned to paint murals inside and out of home/private business.

1999 thru 2000
PNCA(Pacific Northwest College of Art)... 503•821•8920...1241 NW Johnson - Portland, Oregon 97209
worked as an advisor for student orientation and as the treasurer of student council....both under the supervision of Michael Hall.

2001 thru present
self employed... selling greeting cards, paintings, drawings, installations, and performing music.

July 2001
Maytag - worked at the Clinton/Division St. fair - face painting - Portland, Oregon

April 14, 2002 - Itisness Studio, Portland, Oregon...coordinated and put on a group "happening"- called the Alpha Wave Acquiescence... including: dreamachines, herbal elixirs, and seven musical projects.

February 2002 thru May 2002
Wattles Boys and Girls Club...503•775•1549 - working under Brian Cutler
9330 SE Harold Street - Portland, Oregon 97266
volunteering as a mentor for children...specifically within an Intel funded computer lab, aiding children in digital audio, video, and still imaging.

August 2003 thru August 2005
freelance security
Portland, Oregon

November 16, 2003 - Itisness studio, Portland, Oregon...coordinated and put on a group "happening", much like above...for the 2 Gyrlz Performative Arts "Enteractive Language festival" as "The Language of Slumber"...including: dreamachines, herbal elixirs, five musical projects, and live video manipulation

February of 2004
Beaumont Health Care Clinic...503•249•7752... 4445 NE Freemont - Portland, Oregon 97213 ... employed as sign painter.

November 2004 - OMSI (oregon museum of science and industry) planetarium.... coordinated and put on a "happening"...The Language of Alpha Waves.... 3 hour sonic piece delving into alpha wave frequencies both sonically and visually, including: dreamachines, lazer light show, elixirs, and sellect musicians brought together to play this 3 hour piece.

Spring through to winter 2004 - complete resurfacing of appartment building, Portland, OR... general contract work

September 2005 thru present
Fresh Paint - Commercial & Residential Painting & Restoration
Portland, Oregon


Lisa Newman - 503-318-6860
Michael Hall - 503-821-8920
Jeffrey Kowlwitz - 503-788-2333
Holly Joe Lutz - 503-872-8984
Justin Norton - 503-449-1197
Lori Von Der Heydt, N.D. (Beaumont Health Care Clinic) - 503-249-7752