selected solo exhibitions:

1998 - mojo's coffee den (pen, ink, and coffee drawings) - portland, OR.

December 2001 - Realm 8 (paintings/drawings/dreamachine) - Portland, OR.

April 2002 - Itisness Studio - Alpha wave experiment (mass dreamachine chamber) - Portland, OR.

November 2002 - Hollywood Theater - enteractive Language Festival (dreamachines) - Portland, OR.

July 2003 - Hi-ih - last thurs showing (oil paintings) - Portland, OR.

November 2003 - Itisness Studio - Alpha wave experiment (mass dreamachine chamber) - Portland, OR.

selected group exhibitions:

1999 - Feldman Gallery - Swirling Bits - visual work and installation by: Ian Jarvis and Joshua Camozzi Milligan - (paintings/drawings/altar/fountain/plaster work/more) - Portland. OR.

December 2000 - the Medicine Hat - Medios Espectaculo III - vissual work by: Jesse Pepe'r, Alyssa Volpe, Faith Jennings, Pamela Boyd, Ben Pink, Lisa Newman, Joshua Camozzi milligan - (paintings/drawings) - Portland, OR.

March 2002 - Polyp and Fury Gallery - Perpetuating Response I - vissual work by: Rachel Allen, Michele Ranier, Lisa Newman, TOI, Joshua Camozzi Milligan - (paintings/drawings/live painting) - Portland, OR.

May 2002 - Northstar Ballroom - Medios Espectaculo IV - installations from: the 20ft Man, Pamela Boyd, John Arnold, X MACHINA, Faith Jennings...visual work by: Alyssa Volpe, John Mullin, MSNGR, TOI, Brian Rohr, Joshua Camozzi Milligan (paintings/drawings/dreamachine chamber) - Portland, OR.

June 2003 - Gallery 500 - 1st thurs showing/Perpetuating Response #500 - vissual work by: Ren Sakurai, Dan Sweeney, TOI, Joshua Camozzi Milligan - (oil paintings) - Portland, OR.

January 2004 - Gallery CO7 - “Light Therapy” - photography by: Ernesto Aguilar and Kim Lovelace, bees wax sculpture by: Jo Grishman, ceramic sculpture by: Kadi Cook, installation by: Justin Oswald - Opening Reception with dreamachines by: Joshua Camozzi Milligan, light therapy space by: maCk mCfarland, oxygen bar by: Jeremy Dieter, video projection by: Ryan Jeffery, tea bar by: Ryan Jeffery - Portland, OR.

September 2004- Works Gallery - san jose, CA - Pacific Art Collective "PAC Session" featuring live painting and installation by joshua camozzi milligan & damon belanger, dance by tiffany glenn, live music by corpus callosum, day one symphony, slow motion reigh. hosted by goodwill san jose.

April 2005 - Pause Gallery & Studio - The Disintegrating Process - 1st thurs. showing - the works of eric sloan & joshua camozzi milligan