saturday, march 31th, 2007

To - ka - ge performs at the Clinton Corner Cafe

9pm - 12am

free! 21 and over

Clinton Corner Cafe is located at 2633 SE 21st Ave., Portland, at the corner of 21st SE and Clinton St., two blocks off Division St.

Come on down, share in a cocktail or a pint, have a bite to eat, and listen to the swirly sounds as i traverse the aether for 3 hours

bits and pieces abound!




photo by christopher rainone


(to be announced - in limbo until we find the proper space)

our deepest apologies.

' due to last minute zoning restrictions on the venue…' we frantically tried to relocate.
due to the nature of the event, the environment of the space is crucial, so a last minute relocation was next to impossible.

with a little time, and clear heads on our shoulders, we will be able to find the proper space and do things right.
this event WILL manifest sometime between the present and august of next year.
i know that is a large bracket, but that is our window of opportunity.

we are sad we won't be able send out the alpha and theta waves this evening, but relieved that we will be able to treat you all right when the time comes.

this is not the last you have heard

thank you all
sweet dreams
joshua the tree/swirly bits laboratories/2gyrlz performative arts

Brain Waves Speaking the Language of Slumber...
(alpha to theta dialects )

take part in our yearly brain wave experiment.
a "happening" utilizing sonic and visual frequencies to induce different brain states.
This year we shall revisit the alpha state and traverse new uncharted theta realms.
bring a pillow and a friend, we'll do the rest

specialty elixirs from the swirly bits laboratories and consessions available


Beta waves occur in the awake conscious brain...
your day to day bits and pieces.  They are associated with alertness, arousal, concentration, cognition, and at excessive levels anxiety.  They
happen to be the most rapid of brain waves ranging from 14hz to anywhere between 24-60-over 100 hz.  When speaking of frequencies, Hz translates
into cycles per second... so, Beta waves would happen between 14 - over 100 cycles per second.  Alpha wave occur when we are still conscious and 
awake, though they have been detected during dream sleep.  They are associated with relaxation, meditation, detached awareness, visualization,
daydreaming, and lucid mental states.  When we close our eyes and become more relaxed, passive, or unfocussed  brain wave activity slows down
producing bursts of Alpha waves.  If we become quite relaxed and mentally unfocussed, Alpha waves become dominant throughout the brain
producing a calm and pleasant sensation called the Alpha State, which happens between 8 and 13Hz.  Theta waves occur after Alpha waves
in that funny place between sleep and wake/reality and dreams.  Generally, Theta waves bring on unexpected dreamlike images and vivid 
memories.  Theta offers access to the unconscious mind, where lost memories and events can be retrieved or the power of suggestion can be inserted.
These waves hapen between 4 and 8Hz.  Finally, we have Delta waves which become present when we fall asleep.  Delta waves occur in a frequecy range
below 4 cycles per second.  When most of us enter the Delta state, we are either asleep or otherwise rendered unconscious.  Apparently, this is a very important
state to enter due to the fact that this is the state in which your body regenerates cells and repairs itself

The human ear can only detect down to about 20Hz.  Since Alpha and Theta are well below that, this causes a problem... so, we shall be employing the same
theory used in the healing realms of binaural beat theory and the diabolical realms of sonic canon weaponry.  They both share the same theory of 
sending 2 separate audible frequencies at a subject.  The difference in Hz will then create a 3rd resonant beat frequency within the subjects head.
This subtle resonant beat frequency will be  activating your neural pathways to the attunement of the Alpha and Theta states.

This year we shall have members of  Stalking Jane, Synchronicity Frequency, Brain Warmer, Sleighted, Pulse Emitter, Mugwort, & Soriah
performing in the Orchestral Frequency Ensemble.  We shall ease you out of your beta wave state of mind into a relaxing alpha state, and slip
slide down into the deep dark realms of Theta to close the evening out.

There will be a variety of dreamachines available upstairs from the performance space.  Dreamachines are large flickering light machines
invented by Brion Gysin & Ian Sommerville in 1958.  When used properly, the flickering light dances across your eyelids, inducing R.E.M.
and canceling out Beta waves as it induces Alpha waves in the awake brain.  Kaleidoscopic colors, patterns, and visions unfold right before 
your very own closed eyes.  The longer you spend with it, the more vivid and intense the infinitely expanding patterns and visions become 
and perception of spatial movement can come into play.

The elixirs involved shall be different mixtures of herbs to help manifest a relaxed state in the imbiber.
There will be a very relaxing, nerve easing, sedative like elixir, a very potent kava kava elixir, and
there will also be a panacea of flavorful immune boosting herbs for those who don't want to get too sleepy.

buy the ticket..... take the ride

i know there's bound to be more stuff and it'll end up here at some point