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Visual Arts listings for the week of Wednesday, April 13 thru Tuesday, April 19.

BY RICHARD SPEER 243-2122 ext. 313

To be considered for listings, send information at least two weeks in advance to:

Visual Arts, c/o Willamette Week, 822 SW 10th Ave., Portland, OR 97205. Fax: 243-1115.

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Scott Wayne Indiana is the most promising emerging artist in Portland today. If any local gallerist with a set of eyes visits his new show at Residence Gallery, Indiana will be ushered into a blue-chip stable faster than a steer into the Amarillo stockyards. While the artist's wood-and-nail interactive installation is better suited to a bonfire than an art gallery, his true forte, his paintings, are wild miracles of gesture and materials, alive with textural dynamism and an intensity of purpose verging on the transcendental. Channeling the ghosts of Abstract Expressionism and action painting, the artist adds his own infusion of inspiration, splashing shellacs onto canvas, dotting them with asphalt creepycrawlies, burying a piece of cardboard beneath creamy white paint, and building up his surfaces with gloppy, cresting waves. A fearless show. Bravo.

Residence Gallery, 625 NW Everett St., #106, 971-404-0360. Closes April 30.

Down a few doors at Pause gallery in Everett Station, Joshua Camozzi Milligan studies the process of disintegration with eerie figures in a neo-Surrealist vein. In The Dark Rider, a skeletal knight charges forth on some manner of demon-possessed horse, recalling the Johnny Cash standard "Ghost Riders in the Sky." Milligan's Remembering the Lost Souls of La Mancha does much with limited chromatic elements: enigmatic semi-abstract blotches of white on a brown backdrop, the somber ambience nicely offset by a kitschy, Tiki-style frame.

Pause Gallery, 625 NW Everett St., #110, 888-7895. Closes April 30.

In June, George Broderick will take his trippydippy paintings to Havana, Cuba, for a showing at the city's Galería Guayasamin in conjunction with the Cuban Ministry of Culture, and the artist offers a preview of the show at his Portland gallery. With their outsider artist-like lack of perspective, unlikely color combinations and compositional sense, the works look like something 1960s illustrator David DePatie would have drawn on some grappa-fueled sojourn to Portofino. On the other side of the gallery, Vanessa Calvert's encaustic works make a properly subdued complement to Broderick's whacked-out fantasias. (RS)

Broderick, 814 SW 1st Ave., 224-4020. Closes April 30.

Mark Woolley's group show, Simply Red, envelops gallerygoers in a blood-and-bordello cocoon. Abi Spring's smooth, marbled surfaces, Lauren Mantecón's abstraction, and Ann Marie Nafziger's palette-knife slice-and-dicers are highlights, as are Mary Josephson's garish redhead, Jo Ann Mace's tiger-riding Grim Reaper, and photographer Marne Lucas' Predator, which wins our award for Most Delicious Erection in a Group Show.

120 NW 9th Ave., Suite 210, 224-5475. Closes April 30.

news and hangings

Congratulations to Portland artist Kasia Wojnarski, who has received a $2,700 grant from the Black Rock Arts Foundation, the artistic outreach program of the annual Burning Man festival. The only Oregon artist to receive a Black Rock grant this year, Wojnarski says she will use the funds to create an interactive fire sculpture on the Black Rock Desert playa in northwestern Nevada, site of Burning Man.

Galleries Northwest

ALYSIA DUCKLER Kathryn Lynch's paintings. 1236 NW Hoyt St., 223-7595. Closes April 30.

ART INSTITUTE OF PORTLAND Francesca Pastine's installation. 1122 NW Davis St., 228-6528. Closes May 27.

BLACKFISH Rafael Katz's works. 420 NW 9th Ave., 224-2634. Closes April 30.

BLUE SKY Charles Cohen's photos, Gregory Gorfkle's photos. 1231 NW Hoyt St., 225-0210. Closes April 30.

BONNIE KAHN WILD WEST Samuel Walker's historic photos of the "Buffalo Soldier" infantries. 1524 NW 23rd Ave., #2, 293-9414. Closes April 30.

BULLSEYE CONNECTION Maurizio Donzelli's works, group show. 300 NW 13th Ave., 227-0222. Closes April 23.

BUTTERS Ted Katz's works. 520 NW Davis St., 2nd floor, 248-9378. Closes April 30.

ELIZABETH LEACH Jaq Chartier's paintings, group photography show. 417 NW 9th Ave., 224-0521. Closes April 30.

GALLERY 33 Laurel Hagner's works. 1400 NW Everett St., 219-9900. Closes May 31.

GALLERY 114 Shaw Osha's works, Matthew Martin's works. 1100 NW Glisan St., 243-3356. Closes April 30.

GENUINE IMITATION Spencer Reynolds' works. 328 NW Broadway, #116, 241-3189. Closes April 29.

LAURA RUSSO Henk Pander's paintings, Marlene Bauer's paintings. 805 NW 21st Ave., 226-2754. Closes April 30.

MARGHITTA FELDMAN GALLERY Cynthia Mosser's mixed media. 1102 NW Marshall St., 228-0089. Closes April 30.

MARK WOOLLEY Group show organized around the color red; Edward King's paintings. 120 NW 9th Ave., Suite 210, 224-5475. Closes April 30.

MILK Josh Arseneau's works. 328 NW Broadway, #114, 484-8793. Closes April 30.

MOTEL Anthony Georgis' photos. Northwest Couch Street between 5th and 6th avenues, 222-6699. Closes April 30.

NINE Bill Will's installation. 1231 NW Hoyt St., 225-0210. Closes April 30.

OGLE Group show curated by Portland Modern. 310 NW Broadway, 227-4333. Closes April 30.

OREGON JEWISH MUSEUM Ruth Dunkell's works. 310 NW Davis St., 226-3600. Closes April 17.

PACIFIC NORTHWEST COLLEGE OF ART Michele Russo: A Tribute; Pippo Lionni's works. 1241 NW Johnson St., 821-8892. Closes April 30.

PAUSE Eric Sloan's paintings, Joshua Camozzi Milligan's paintings. 625 NW Everett St., #110, 888-7895. Closes April 30.

PDX Storm Tharpe's works, James Lavadour's paintings. 219 NW 12th Ave. Closes April 30.

PRINT ARTS NORTHWEST Paul Gentry's engravings. 416 NW 12th Ave., 525-9259. Closes April 30.

PULLIAM DEFFENBAUGH Kay French's paintings. 522 NW 12th Ave., 228-6665. Closes April 30.

PUSHDOT Film festival. 830 NW 14th Ave., 224-5925. Closes April 29.

QUINTANA Alaskan Native art group show. 120 NW 9th Ave., 223-1729. Closes April 30.

RC Bill Seebert's works. 1314 NW Glisan St., 229-1860. Closes April 30.

RESIDENCE Scott Wayne Indiana's works. 625 NW Everett St., #106, 971-404-0360. Closes April 30.

STARLING Anya Coxworth's works. 625 NW Everett St., #102, 913-8959. Closes April 30.

3-D CENTER Adrienne Taggart and Ted Grudowski's immersive installation. 1928 NW Lovejoy St., 227-6667. Closes May 15.

TRIBE Aaron H.H. Trotter's paintings. 510 NW Glisan St., 227-3976. Closes April 30.

UTRECHT'S OTWAU GALLERY Tom Yody's works 1122 NW Everett St., 289-2377. Closes April 30.

VISAGE Liz Haley's photos. 1046 NW Johnson St., 944-5475. Closes April 30.

WATERSTONE Suzanne Tufenkian's works. 424 NW 12th Ave., 226-6196. Closes May 1.

YOSHIDA'S Steve Pierce's photos. 206 NW 10th Ave., 872-8485. Closes May 1.

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ATTIC Group show. 205 SW 1st Ave., 228-7830. Closes April 30.

AUGEN Eva Lake's Op Art paintings, group show. 817 SW 2nd Ave., 224-8182. Closes April 27.

BRODERICK George Broderick's phantasmagoric oils, Vanessa Calvert's works. 814 SW 1st Ave., 224-4020. Closes April 30.

CONTEMPORARY CRAFTS Bonnie Melzer's works. 3934 SW Corbett Ave., 223-2654. Closes May 11.

FROELICK Brian Kershisnik's paintings, Victor Maldonado's works. 817 SW 2nd Ave., 222-1142. Closes April 27.

GALLERY 500 Gustav Mortier's paintings. 420 SW Washington St., Suite 500, 223-3951. Closes April 29.

GOTTLIEB Margaret Coe's paintings. 220 SW Yamhill St., 241-1070. Closes April 30.

MULTNOMAH ARTS CENTER Norman Friant's watercolors. 7688 SW Capitol Highway, 823-2787. Closes April 27.

OREGON COLLEGE OF ART & CRAFT Group show. 8245 SW Barnes Road, 297-5544. Closes May 1.

P:EAR Rae Mahaffey's works, p:ear youth's works. 809 SW Alder St., 228-6677. Closes April 27.

PORTLAND ART MUSEUM Waking Dreams: The Art of the Pre-Raphaelites. Also, People of the River. 1219 SW Park Ave., 226-2811. $6-$15. Closes May 29.

PORTLAND COMMUNITY COLLEGE William Dyas Garnett's works. Sylvania Campus (CT Bldg), 12000 SW 49th Ave., 977-8017. Closes April 25.

PORTLAND STATE UNIVERSITY Group show, Littman Gallery, Smith Center, Room 250, 1825 SW Broadway, 725-5656 (closes April 27). Group show, Autzen Gallery, Neuberger Hall, 2nd floor, 725-3515 (closes April 29).

V-GUN Wesley Younie's works. 412 SW 4th Ave., 226-3400. Closes May 14.

Galleries Northeast

BRIAN MARKI Charles Sites' paintings. 2236 NE Broadway, 249-5659. Closes April 30.

GUARDINO Eli Halpin's paintings, Jessica Kreitter's sculpture. 2939 NE Alberta St., 281-9048. Closes April 26.

OPTIC NERVE ARTS Memorial retrospective of Nate Hudson's works. 1829 NE Alberta St., Suite 11. Closes April 27.

TALISMAN Gail Jordan's paintings, Roger Friedel's paintings. 1476 NE Alberta St., 284-8800. Closes April 24.

Galleries southeast

GALLERY 7126 Group show. 7126 SE Milwaukie Ave., 238-7126. Closes April 23.

NEWSPACE Paul Schiek's photos, Molly Quan's photos. 1632 SE 10th Ave., 963-1935. Closes April 30.

PORTLAND ART CENTER John Mace's works, Suzy Root's works. 2045 SE Belmont St., 239-5481. Closes April 16.

SAVAGE Doug Morris' works, Chris Caccamise's works. 1430 SE 3rd Ave., 230-0265. Closes April 30.

SYNAN Kimry Jelen's paintings. 418 SE 81st Ave., 253-2149. Closes April 30.

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Most galleries are open Tuesday through Saturday; some have more limited hours or require an appointment. Call ahead for times.

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